History of Municipality

The name of Falgars is cited in a historical document from 922 related to the parochial church “Saint Cypriani and Santa Justa in villa Falgars” In the year 974 is under the tutelage of Pope Benedict VI in favor of Hildesind, Abbot of Sant Pere de Rodes.

There was a hermitage dedicated to St. Cornelius, destroyed during the French invasi.

Fogars has an aggregate called Ramiķ, located about 6 km from the village center.

The modified Romani style Church of Ramiķ is dedicated to Sant Andreu.

In the Middle Ages, the term depended on the castle of Hostalric, in the possessions of the viscounts of Cabrera.

On the other hand, it appears in a papal bull of Ludwig III, in 1185, that the monastery of Breda had important wilts in the parish of Ramiķ, which is also cited in this document, is more mountainous and has traditionally been less populated.

With the provincial division of 1833, Fogars de la Selva entered the province of Barcelona, ​​and is the only municipality in the region of La Selva that belongs to this demarcation.