The Municipality

The municipality of Fogars de la Selva is located at the southern end of the region and limits the south with the Maresme, a region that belonged to the territorial division of Catalonia in 1936.

The term has an extension of 33.17 km2 and a population of 1500 inhabitants. It extends through the northeastern sector of the Montnegre massif, with Montgrós as the highest point (391 meters), and the lower part of La Tordera, in the area where the Santa Coloma stream comes in. Much of the territory is occupied by forests of pines, oaks and oaks. On the flatest part, to the north and east, cereals, vines, orchards and poplars are cultivated. In ancient times some copper and lead mines were exploded, currently abandoned.

In the mid-90s the town underwent an urban revival that transformed the old residential areas of the urban nucleus. However, it has a large number of farmhouses spread throughout the territory.

The two parishes that make up the municipality are the one of Sant Cebrià de Fogars in the east and the one of Sant Andreu de Ramiķ in Poniente.