4 Smart Tips to Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing

Owning healthy skin is not just an accessory to become attractive. It’s also a sign that you’re taking good care of your health by not just rubbing expensive oils and scrubs. Even more, you can’t be too careless about your skin, unless you don’t want to spend money on a skin cancer treatment Brisbane clinics offer today.

To achieve a healthy and glowing skin, follow these smart tips:

Shield your skin from the harsh sun.

Even though you’re under a roof, the sun’s ultraviolet rays can still pass through the clouds and your house openings.

So, if you can, you must apply sunscreen on your face and forearms every single day—including the days where you’re just staying inside and the gloomy days. If you don’t like applying sunscreen, you can opt for a moisturizer or a BB cream that contains sun protecting factor (SPF).

Meanwhile, if you really need to go outside and expose yourself to the sun, make sure you’re lathering a medium-sized dollop of sunscreen on your exposed skin. Experts suggest that the sunscreen amount must fill a shot glass every single time you apply some.

If it suits your outfit, you can wear a wide-brimmed hat or caps. Don’t forget your sunglasses and umbrella, too. Don’t be complacent if you don’t like it to lead to you getting a skin cancer treatment Brisbane clinics offer today.

Hydrate yourself every day.

Don’t like drinking water? News flash: now you have to. Your throat is not the only thing that gets dry if you’re dehydrated—your skin suffers too!

Notice how extra rough your skin feels after going a day without one or two glasses of fluids only. This is because your skin cells are composed of water—and they need to be constantly refreshed to sustain their normal status.

Hey, coffee and fruit’s juice doesn’t count as suitable replacements for water. Drink up and keep it that way to make your skin glow!

Prevent dryness.

Besides drinking water, you also have to invest in a good moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and supple. Your epidermis is composed of 30% H2O, which is prevented by lipids from evaporating.

To boost this binding ability, you must use a high-quality skin moisturizer. It must contain organic elements such as amino acids and citrate.

Practice good skin cleansing habits.

You also have to clean your skin appropriately, and that just doesn’t require water. If you wear makeup every day, you need an additional cleaning material to unclog oil from your pores that might cause acne.

And even though soaps help clean our body, they’re not really suitable for applying to the face. Most of them are made of alkaline, which can alter the sensitive pH balance of your skin. This leads to the immediate reddening and flaking of your skin.

What you can use are liquid cleansers or creams that have organic elements and minerals that gently clean dirt on your skin. You can also use not-so-harsh products like coconut oil.


No one would ever want to undergo a skin cancer treatment Brisbane clinics offer today just because of practicing bad skin care habits.

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